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What Veg Seeds To Sow In May

As spring blooms into full swing and the threat of frost wanes, May marks an exciting time for gardeners in the UK to sow a bountiful array of vegetable seeds. With longer days and warmer temperatures ahead, May presents an optimal window for planting crops that thrive in the British climate. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best vegetable seeds to sow in May, offering insights into what varieties are well-suited for the UK’s unique growing conditions.

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May is the perfect time to sow tomato seeds indoors or in a greenhouse to give them a head start before transplanting them outdoors once the risk of frost has passed. These super fast growing plants will really take off at this time of year  which is great news for those without and inside space necessary to start these tender plants earlier in the season. Why not try some new and exciting tomatoes this season with different flavour profiles and colours. Take a look at our tasting videos if you need some inspiration on flavour or browse our range to see which varieties you like the look of.

Courgettes and Squash

Sow courgette and squash seeds directly into warm, fertile soil in May for abundant harvests later in the season. These prolific plants thrive in the UK’s mild summers and produce an abundance of tender fruits perfect for grilling, roasting, or adding to summer salads.


Whether you prefer dwarf beans or climbing varieties, May is an excellent time to sow seeds directly into well-drained soil in a sunny spot. Dwarf beans, runner beans, and French beans are all well-suited for UK gardens and offer a reliable harvest throughout the summer months.


Sunflowers are a staple of the British flower garden, but they are also a fabulously productive edible as well providing a multitude of seeds that can be sprouted as micro greens through winer. Giant sunflowers a such as Titan are always a crowd pleaser, especially with kids. Alternatively if you don’t have much space choose a dwarf variety such as Sunspot which will still produce large seed filled heads but on a diminutive 1m tall plant that will flourish in pots.

Lettuce and Salad Leaves

For a continuous supply of fresh leaves, sow lettuce and salad leaf seeds directly into peat free soil or containers in May. With a wide range of varieties available, from crisphead lettuce to loose-leaf varieties and spicy salad mixes, you can create a diverse and vibrant salad bowl right in your own backyard.  We love cut and come again varieties which is how our whole lettuce range can be grown.


Beetroot is a versatile and nutritious vegetable that thrives in the UK’s temperate climate. Sow beetroot seeds directly into moist soil in May, spacing them evenly to allow room for root development. Enjoy the earthy sweetness of homegrown beetroot in salads, soups, or roasted dishes.


Sow carrot seeds directly into well-prepared soil in May for a summer and autumn harvest of crisp, sweet roots. Choose from a variety of carrot colours and shapes, from traditional orange to purple, yellow, and white. Ensure the soil is free from stones and debris and of poor quality, also dig in plenty of sand to help those roots stay straight!


Whether you are growing sweetcorn or coloured corn for drying and popping, May is the perfect time to get started. These are fast growing plants that do not enjoy becoming root bound so starting later in the season works well. Sow Corn seeds into module trays in May for a summer and autumn harvest. The flavour of sweet corn will be affected if different varieties cross pollinate, especially with a drying corn, so sow different varieties 2 or more weeks apart to encourage staggered flowering times.

May heralds the arrival of warmer weather and presents an exciting opportunity to sow a diverse array of more tender vegetable seeds in the UK. From vibrant salad leaves to crunchy carrots and sweet cobs of corn, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

By following simple planting guidelines and providing the necessary care, you can look forward to a rewarding harvest of homegrown produce in the months to come. So, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and let the gardening adventures begin!

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