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Bringing Beautiful Heirloom Veg Seeds to the UK

We started our Heirloom seed company in June 2023 with a mission to bring the very best Heirloom seeds to the UK. Founded by garden designers and passionate growers Lucy Hutchings and Kate Cotterill, the company has made a big splash in the seed industry already.

The idea for the company stemmed from Lucy’s Instagram account that has over 180k followers. Lucy is famous for growing wonderful heirloom veg seeds and has had so many enquiries about where she buys her rare and unusual seed varieties, much of which is unavailable in the UK. With Kate’s business brain on board, the two started She Grows Veg Heirloom seed company.

She Grows Veg launched with 156 seed varieties and will be launching another 40 this year alone from all over the world. Exclusively heirloom and open pollinated, there is nothing quite like it in the UK.

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From our packets to your plate

Kate and Lucy feel passionately that they want to help more people grow their own food to save money, eat the freshest, zero food miles, most delicious produce, and a diet packed with nutrients. Every packet of seed has a QR code on the back that takes customers to sow and grow videos on how to grow the variety and also has no jargon growing instructions.

We feel strongly that seed companies should be environmentally conscious and we pledge not to send out printed brochures and use only recycled or recyclable materials for our packaging and printing.

Meet Kate

Kate’s passion for growing combines with her love of cooking.  Always in search of more interesting veg to cook with, Kate has found the perfect partner in Lucy. 

Kate’s spent 25 years working in marketing and events, organising music festivals and working for many famous brands and is very much the business brains of the operation!  Her market research saw a clear opportunity for an heirloom seed company in the UK and to create a brand with a different approach.

Meet Lucy

Instagram star Lucy, otherwise know as @shegrowsveg has a huge instagram following and has written a book and featured on TV programmes such as BBC Gardeners World and Building Your Dream. Lucy’s design pedigree began in her past as jewellery designer to celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue.

Lucy is well known for growing all kinds of unusual veg from heirloom and rare seed.  Her interest in edible gardens has seen her create beautiful garden designs with entirely edible plants within them.

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