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We have a range of over 150 heirloom variety seeds for the edibles you love to grow.  Vegetables, edible flowers and trees and more.  All of our range is open pollinated and carefully selected for both its appearance and its flavour.  Many of our seeds are coming to the UK for the first time.

Every one of our seed packs has a handy QR code on the back that takes you to a video we’ve created that tells you how to sow and grow each seed variety.  

We’ve cut out the jargon and you’ll find all of our instructions speak your language.

Our range is growing all the time.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our exciting new product launches.

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WE LOVE getting started early growing some crops

We know you’re dying to get growing, read our blog to find out 5 things you can do during winter to get growing now.

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