Our Seeds

our seed range is launching in december

Lucy’s passion for growing incredible veg is well known and it’s long been her ambition to launch a seed range to bring some of the rare and unusual varieties to the UK for other growers to enjoy.  Well, that dream is becoming a reality!

Lucy has teamed up with business partner Kate to launch an heirloom seed range. Our range is different – it’s exclusively open pollinated, no GMO, no hybrids. Our seeds grow produce packed with nutrients and flavour aswell as being show stopping in the looks departments. Our seed packs will have QR codes on the back that take you to our sow and grow videos to help you get growing.

our crowdfunding campaign has now finished

Thank you to everyone who has supported our crowdfunding campaign.  You can expect to receive any seeds you bought as part of your contribution in December.  Your support is invaluable!

what can you expect from our seed range?

Our seed range contains over 150 varieties of edibles.  Most of the range is made up of vegetables but we also have some amazing edible flowers and some fruits in the range.  All of our seeds have been chosen because they are open pollinated and from heirloom or rare origins.  All of them are packed full of nutrients and are outstanding in the looks department.  Importantly they have also been chosen because the their incredible flavour as well.

Our seeds will be for sale exclusively online from our website from December onwards.

a DEFRA registered seed company