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Here at She Grows Veg, it’s our mission to create the perfect garden space for you. We work closely with all our clients to get an in depth picture of how they want to use their garden, whether they want to spend much time maintaining their garden and what their garden dreams are.

We can create everything from kitchen gardens to beautiful ornamental gardens and borders. Our working philosophy is to work with sustainability and a broad palette of plant choices in mind. Our passion for edible plants means that our designs allow you to enjoy your gardens in the visual and culinary sense and we provide a detailed reference guide with all designs to show you which plants you can enjoy in the kitchen, even with serving suggestions! We can help you achieve a stunning garden suited exactly to your needs, whether you have a busy family or a quiet garden space.

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How we work with you to create your dream garden!

Online meeting 30 mins, no obligation, free of charge!

We provide a free initial consultation as the first step of our garden design process. This can be a phone or online call via zoom to chat through your plans and to meet each other for ths first time. We don’t charge for this initial conversation.

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We meet at your property to see your garden and discuss the likely scope of your project. We discuss your aspirations in terms of:

  • Function of the garden for your household – playing, ornamental, dining, cooking, entertaining, areas to relax or storage etc
  • Style – how you want the garden to look and how you want to feel as a result of spending time in it. We spend time getting to know you – your likes and dislikes in terms of style, materials, planting, colours etc
  • Whether sustainable gardening is of interest to you – perhaps we can help you harvest rainwater, start using a compost or create a garden that needs little watering
  • How keen a gardener you are – high or low maintenance might be your thing 
Lucy and Kate with some plans on a table, discussing them

Garden Design

A full site survey, normally conducted by a qualified surveyor, is essential as it provides the detailed information required to complete a successful garden design solution. It provides accurate measurements of the position and heights of all existing elements within the garden and in relation to the house.

Following the survey, we would usually re-visit the site to do a site analysis. This includes taking photographs, soil samples, assessing views, how the sun reaches the garden, and spending time getting a good feel for the site and its surroundings. As part of this visit we have a follow up meeting with you to finalise the brief and clarify anything arising from the survey or site analysis. The emotional connection we get with your site, its surroundings and your aspirations are important influences on the design we create for you, which is why we like to visit a couple of times before starting the design.

Lucy and Kate working in the field, they look to be measuring something. What could it be?

Following the briefing, site analysis and survey an initial concept design package is produced. This includes a basic aerial plan to show you the overall layout of the garden together with a moodboard of all the key elements within the garden to help bring it to life for you. We partner this with a colour palette presentation so that we can agree that before moving to the more detailed plan. We allow for one round of changes at this stage.

Lucy with an illustration of a garden plan

We then move to creating a more detailed CAD design for your garden which includes a 3D rendering so that you can see the garden from different angles. We allow for one round of changes at this stage.

Upon final presentation we will also include details where relevant for:

  • Design of bespoke elements such as water features
  • Choice of materials and exactly how they will be used
  • Sourcing suppliers for materials
  • Guidance on lighting design, bespoke artworks, outdoor furniture and irrigation
  • Construction drawings
  • Planting plans and plant lists (although this can be costed and done separately)
  • Masterplan and layout plans for contractors
  • Aftercare and edible guides
Illustration of garden

Some clients choose to complete the next stage themselves. All of the documents produced in phase 5 provide everything you need to take your design to the tender and build phases. The detailed design documents are sent to potential contractors to allow them to produce costings for building the garden.

Alternatively, we can recommend landscape contractors who will deliver work to the required quality. We may either have a preferred supplier for your area or we would contact up to 3 contractors and invite them to tender for the contract. We would help you to assess tenders and recommend the contractor who is best placed to do the work. We will always look to make the best use of your budget and consult with you throughout the project.

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Prior to the main contractor arriving on site, we offer an additional service of garden assessment and clearance. We only use experienced, horticulturally qualified gardeners who can 1) assess the plants you currently have and whether they are worth keeping 2) undertake maintenance work that may need doing, including pruning and clearing any perennial weeds 3) work with tree specialists to facilitate protection of trees we are keeping and clearance of those that are being removed.

Once construction commences, we oversee the build through to completion. We have regular site meetings with the contractors to ensure that the design is being built as specified. We are also on hand to deal with any issues that arise and make revisions to the design if necessary. If any proposed changes have a cost implication we would discuss and agree this with you before any changes are implemented.

Lucy anf Kate smiling and working together

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your garden over the years, as well as take care of your investment, our services can include provision of a maintenance plan and long-term garden management advice.
We also offer our clients our unique edible guide. This guide advises you on which plants in the garden you can eat and recommendations on how to cook and enjoy them.

She grows veg aftercare guide